Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come on, Irene!

Bet you didn't think that Central Virginia was susceptible to hurricanes.  Yeah, me neither.

Hurricane Irene made her appearance on Saturday and it feels like she hasn't left yet.  Primarily because she knocked out our electricity and its still out.  And do you know how hard it is to work from home with no power and no internet?  More importantly, do you know how hard it is to BLOG with no internet?  And cook with no food (I threw the contents of the fridge away yesterday, and it was a delightful task)?

So I'll need to take a short hiatus until we have electricity.  Which I'm being told will be Friday (today is Tuesday).  Want to play over/under on whether my husband gouges his eyes out from the sheer pain of having to put up with me when I'm bored between now and then? 

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  I started writing this blog post this afternoon (meaning all of the above words were written HOURS ago) and then I had to leave the internet zone I was in to go back to the dark ages that is my house before I remembered to hi "publish post".  And then I went to pick out bathroom tile (this is way harder than it sounds) and then to dinner.  And I forgot that I never posted my latest entry.  And THEN, as we were driving home, we noticed that things seemed....brighter.  More....deLIGHTful.  Is that....wait....do I see....ELECTRICITY!??!  Indeed it is!  Our power is BACK!  I've never been more excited in my life, I swear it.  I missed my TV terribly.  And air conditioning.  And Internet.  And cold beverages (although in case you were wondering, red wine is the PERFECT cocktail for those without electricity).  And now I can post my entry about my lack of electricity...now that I have electricity.

I threw away all the contents of the fridge yesterday.  I mean ALL of them.  Re-stocking will be fun.  And expensive.  But that means I can get back up and running on maintaining this thing they call a food blog.  So, stay tuned for that!

Nice knowing you, Irene!

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