Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Edited to Add

Remember how like 5 minutes ago, I was trying to decide where to eat dinner tonight?  Well, that's been decided.  Because I've been sitting in my home airport for 4 hours now.  FOUR!  And I can't leave to go home, because US Airways tells me that its "probable" that I'll get to Boston "sometime tonight".  Or "early tomorrow morning, worst case".  Well.  I don't know about you, but I'm psyched.

Especially because my home airport has exactly 3 places to eat/drink.  They are: Sam Adams Pub (that serves cold sandwiches and chips in a bag.  And....Sam Adams), Applebee's (you KNOW how I feel about that), and the new Club Level Grill (that serves chicken fingers, but at least the wine comes from a bottle and not a box).  Its been a long, long afternoon.

I started writing this post 30 minutes ago.  In that 30 minutes, I have left my terminal, gone through security again, and promptly been told that my new flight is delayed.  If it takes off at the time they told me, I'll have been in this here airport for 6 hours.  Please try not to be jealous. 

Also, try not to be jealous of the dinner I was forced to decide on.  Its not downtown Boston Italian food.  Its not even Applebee's chicken fingers in the Boston burbs.  Its worse.  It was $9 and the cheese wasn't even melted. 

At least the wine came from a bottle.

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