Sunday, February 13, 2011

Golfing Fail and Some Highly Anticipated Honey Truffled Frites

As outlined in the rules from my last post, we went out to dinner both nights this weekend and I didn't go anywhere near the kitchen.  Last night we went out to celebrate my 31st birthday with some friends.  True to form, we terrorized the tiny restaurant with our stories that seemed to get louder and more colorful as the night went on, and I don't think anyone was sad to see us go.  We had delicious food and wine and a night out with these folks always guarantees a good time and usually provides a pretty good chance of a morning headache.

Anywho, today is Sunday and we're FINALLY getting a glimpse of Spring (even though I know its a total tease and it'll probably snow next week).  The plan for the day was to go hit golf balls, get some lunch at a local cafe, and then make mushroom chicken lasagna for dinner.  Didn't really go as planned!

First, I am no golfer.  My husband plays at least a couple of times a month in the Spring and Summer with his brother and his girlfriend.  While they are golfing, I usually do really productive things like shop, take naps, or watch embarassingly bad reality television.  This year, I've decided that I need to do something more productive with my Saturdays and try to burn more calories than you would, say, driving to the mall, so I decided that I was going to learn to play golf.  Let it be known that I have the natural athletic abilities about on par with a giraffe who is also blind, deaf, and dumb.  I played basketball in high school and was actually pretty good, but that's only because I worked really, really hard at it.  A born sportswoman I am not.  But I was seriously convinced that I was going to be super awesome at golf.  I can't fathom what on earth is so hard about hitting a ball that's sitting still on the ground.  You're not even blindfolded or anything!  What can be so hard about that?  Both my husband and my dad were wary of my abunance of confidence about this, and they were like, "golf is actually pretty hard,'re probably not going to be very good at first".  Um, excuse me?  How can I not be good?  I am going to RULE the driving range!

Guess what!?!  Golfing is ridiculously hard and I really, really, really, really suck at it.  I think I got 50 balls and probably completely whiffed 30% of the time, hit the ground before the ball 40% of the time, hit the ball so that it only skitted across the grass 25% of time, and managed it actually get it airborne only about 5% of the time. 

I envisioned my first golfing experience like this:

And it ended up being more like this:

I'm going to keep trying, though, because I still believe in my heart of hearts that I am destined to be awesome at golf.

Afterwards, we went to a downtown cafe for lunch.  It was probably in my top 5 of worst restaurant experiences ever.  Our waiter had a bit of a personal hygine issue and we waited over an hour for our food while the tables around us came, sat, ate, paid, and left.  Not even a peep of an awknowledgement from him about our ridiculously long wait for grilled shrimp and honey truffle frites.  Not an "I'm sorry", no free food, nada.  I was a very unhappy camper but did manage to scarf down my honey truffle frites so fast that I completely ruined my appetite for dinner.

So, no chicken mushroom lasagna tonight...that'll get bumped to tomorrow.  I thought about taking a picture of what we DID have for dinner, which was Trader Joe's chicken burgers that I've had in the freezer for AT LEAST a year, but I thought that would just be weird.  So, no food pictures'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Until then, I'm off to dream of golfing championships and truffle frites!

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  1. Yeah ... I have tried to golf some. Didn't really work real well. It gets better each time and everyone says that you need to actually take classes to do really well at it.

    Honey Truffled Frites? Yum!!